to the online home for my fantasy fiction! Here are vast forests, flower-strewn meadows, merry streams, and villages with thatched roofs and neat fields. Here, dragons roam, castles rise upon the crests of hills, swords are forged, and magic sparkles in the air.


Why fantasy? Because it's rich in imagery and color. Because it's so far from mundane. Because you can do or be anything. Because there are castles and dragons, two of my passions.

My stories are usually quest fantasy, or some variation of that. One of my favorite authors of all time is J.R.R. Tolkien, although I don't attempt to copy his style, nor think that anyone should. I simply love a story about normal people (or hobbits or any other beings) in a fantastical world.

My blog will tell you about me, introduce you to my books, and keep you up to date on what I'm doing in my writing. I also share some links to stuff I love on the Web.

Thank you for visiting me!

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